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The HCG Diet will give the tools and the knowledge to be successful at maintaining your new healthier way of life

Developed exclusively by Rose Cook - Weight Management, HC-Slim is our own unique custom HCG formulation. Taken Orally and when used in conjunction with our HCG Diet protocol will deliver fast results. Results that will show on the scales within the first few days of the diet, keeping you motivated and on track to reaching your goal weight in the fastest possible time.

Over 25,000 New Zealand Men and Women have used HC-Slim in conjunction with our support program to reach their weight loss goals.

"So how do I do the HCG Diet.."?

"What am I supposed to eat each day..?"

"When do I take the drops..?"

".....And what else do I need to know..?"


If you have never done the HCG Diet before there a few things to know to get you started. To help you understand exactly what you will be eating and what you need to do on the diet please click on the link below...

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Weighing and Measuring Your Progress Properly

2015-04-14Super User

As you lose weight on the HCG Diet, you’ll want to track your progress. Part of tracking your progress is weighing and measuring properly. It’s really important to remain consistent with your weighing and measuring so you’re getting accurate results.

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